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Sanise  Island Pool Package, Beautiful 24Rd Pool Package,

Free Winter Cover, Winter Pillow, Automatic Chlorinator, Automatic Vacuum,

Free Shipping, Tax Included…. 1a st kitts pict1a sansibel pool

 Pool Sanise Island 24′ Round 52″ Steel Pool with 6″ Top Rail…
Liner 24’ Round Pacific Diamond Unibead 52” Upgrade
Shipping & Tax Included
Filter System 18” Above Ground Sand Filter
Pump Tidal Wave 2 Speed 1.5 HP Replacement Pump For A/G Pools
Ladder/Step Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder
Winter Cover 8 -Year 28’ Round Arctic Armor Cover Upgrade
Air Pillow 4’x15’ Air Pillow Upgrade
Auto Chlorinator Yes….Upgrade
Cleaner Aqua First Nemo™ Auto Suction Cleaner For A/G Pools… Upgrade
Maintenance Kit  Pool Maintenance Kit

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 The Nemo Resin Frame Super Pool

The Nemo Resin Pool, 5 Wall Patterns to choose from!!  (Manufactured for us by the #1 pool company in the USA) You can easily see the amazing value of the Heavy Duty Nemo pool when you consider that you get the same G 90 wall we use with our more expensive Hercules models (they are all reinforced with a Hot Dipped Galvanized G90 Treatment). The prices below include a new 52 inch Nemo HD Series Resin Pool with a corrugated G90 steel wall (add $275 For an Aluminum HD Wall), full print beaded liner, skimmer w/ return, Confer 7200 Safety Ladder, 1.5 HP pump, with a 100 square foot cartridge or 150 lb Sand filter system, a nine piece pro maintenance tool kit, and free shipping to continental US.
Nemo Pools Made In The USA from American Steel and Aluminum.
The workmanship, materials, and design are what make Nemo pools the best of the best. The same materials we use in our Hercules Super Pool.
Nemo HD Package Prices Include:

52 inch Nemo Resin Pool (Steel Wall)
Hayward Skimmer Package w/ Return
52″ Full Print Beaded Liner
Confer 7200 A Frame Security Ladder
100 sq ft Cartridge or 150lb sand filter with 1.5 HP Pump,
Including base and Premium hoses.
9 Piece Professional Maintenance Equipment Kit
Shipping – Freight –  (Most US residential addresses)
Total Package Pricing

Add $275 for the Aluminum Wall
Resin connector plates, resin caps, skirts, uprights, and top rails, but with an Aluminum bottom track, and a resin top track. We included the aluminum bottom track so you can properly bond (ground) this pool without tapping into the only other piece that is metal, the pool wall. If your going to buy a round pool, and don’t want to over pay. This is the best pool and value anywhere. You can customize your pool, by choosing from 5 steel wall patterns, and multiple liner options.
Don’t Wait The Nemo is a Limited Supply Pool 919 621 7471

Swim N Play Salt Friendly Pool Packages


Resin Hybrid Above Ground Pool With 2 Speed Pump, 19″ Sand Filter, Beaded Fancy  Printed Liner, A Frame Ladder, Salt System, Auto Vac, Telepole, Vac Head, Vac Hose, Skimmer, Algae Brush, 30 yr Warrantied Pools Delivered, Dare to Compare
While They last, Local Install Available, Complete Packages Delivered See Below
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Round Salt System Pool Packages
18 x 52 Round $2995 $2,670
 21 x 52 Round $3195 $2,870
 24 x 52 Round $3570 SPECIAL $2970 (3 Available at this price)
 27 x 52 Round $3595 $3375
 30 x 52 & 33 x 52 Pools $3775
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Oval Salt System Pool Packages
12 x 24 x 52 Oval 
w/Buttress $3286, Buttress Free $3686
15 x 30 x 52 Oval
w/Buttress $3696, Buttress Free $3977 
18 x 33 x 52 Oval
w/Buttress $3969, Buttress Free $4449
18 x 45 x 52 Oval
w/Buttress $4995, Buttress Free $5995 
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Wholesale To the Public Specials. 
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Trifecta Heavy Duty Salt System Above Ground Pool


919 621 7471 Our top-of-the-line 52 inch deep pool features 100% corrosion-proof components! Elegant style combines with high-tech material and an extra strong steel wall to make the Trifecta the finest above-ground 52 inch deep pool on the market today. Designed and manufactured by one of the world’s leading pool manufacturers, this pool features their thickest (.46mm) steel wall with superior Star Galfin® galvanization to provide further rust protection. With all resin components, the Trinity is a notable improvement on the traditional pool with steel components. It incorporates unsurpassed beauty and strength in a corrosion-proof pool structure. If you want the ultimate in quality and style for your family, invest in Trifecta’s premium features.

High-tech design and construction 

Trifecta pools are constructed of advanced resin and composite materials that make the structure (top and bottom rails, uprights and bottom plates) super strong and impervious to corrosion. U.V. inhibitors imbedded in the resin provide additional protection against the elements. From the internal ribbing in the top seat, to the multiple layers of protective wall coating including an alloy of zinc, aluminum and rare Earth metals, this pool is designed for rugged durability and years of use. As an added bonus, the beautiful injection-molded top rail and seat cap give the Trifecta its designer good looks.

100% Corrosion resistant 

The Trifecta’s top and bottom rails, uprights and connecting plates are made entirely of non-corroding resin. Neither mid-summer sun nor driving rain and ice can cause these parts to corrode as they can with a steel pool. Because resin is non-corroding by its very nature, there are no coatings to apply that can eventually chip, crack or fail. Our Trinity pool gives you the designer beauty that resin affords, plus the added benefit of a corrosion-proof structure that will outlast any steel pool available.

 Round Pacific Diamond Unibead Liner 52”, Vacuum Head, Vac Hose, Pole, Skimmer Net, Algae Brush, Thermometer, Test Kit, 18” Sand Filter
1 HP Above-Ground Maxi Pump or 22”  Sand Filter
Tidal Wave 2 Speed 1,5 HP Pump Depending on Pool Size

Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder Or In Pool Step
8 -Year 24’ Round Arctic Armor Cover
4’x15’ Air Pillow


Call 919 621 7471

True Round Design 

The 7 inch top rail on  round pools is a true round, giving the Trifecta a graceful look. No more stop sign appearance from straight-edge top rails.

Braceless Oval Design 

Also known as a Buttress-free design, the advanced engineered design eliminates the unsightly diagonal braces that many oval pools need on the sides for structural integrity. Not only does the pool look better without these braces, but you can locate these pools in narrow areas when you eliminate the clearance needed for the braces.

Easy Installation 

Invest in the premium Trifecta pool this spring and get in on the family fun. Our pools come several kit combinations with everything needed to start swimming. Pool comes with step-by-step instruction, making installation quick and hassle-free. The Trifecta is backed by a 30-Year Limited Warranty. Available with a 52 inch wall in a variety of round and oval sizes to fit your backyard.

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St Kitts 54″ High Salt Friendly Resin Pool Packages

1a skitts1a st kitts pool

 Pool St. Kitts 24′ Round 54″ Resin Pool with 8″ Top Rail… $3995
Liner 24’ Round Pacific Diamond Unibead 54”
Shipping & tax Included, Install Available in certain areas for add’l charge
Filter System 18” Above Ground Sand Filter
Pump Tidal Wave 2 Speed 1.5 HP Replacement Pump For A/G Pools
Ladder/Step Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder
Winter Cover 8 -Year 28’ Round Arctic Armor Cover
Air Pillow 4’x15’ Air Pillow
Salt Generator Saltron Retro
Cleaner Nemo Auto Cleaner
Maintenance Kit  Pool Maintenance Kit
 Pool St. Kitts 15’X30′ Oval 54″ Resin Pool with 8″ Top Rail…. $4995
Liner 15X30 Oval Pacific Diamond Unibead 54”
Shipping & tax Included
Filter System 18” Above Ground Sand Filter
Pump Tidal Wave 2 Speed 1.5 HP Replacement Pump For A/G Pools
Ladder/Step Heavy Duty A-Frame Ladder
Winter Cover 8 -Year 28’ Round Arctic Armor Cover
Air Pillow 4’x15’ Air Pillow
Salt Generator Saltron retro
Cleaner Aqua First Nemo™ Suction Cleaner For A/G Pools
Maintenance Kit Small Pool Maintenance Kit

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Happy Customers
"Trifecta Pool, Great Pool, Great Price, Great Install, We Love Our Pool Thank You" Rob S Long Island NY
"Pool is awesome it's built like a tank, even the installer was impressed", I will send you another picture as soon as the stones are done. Love the pool. Thx Jill Carolina Beach
"Love our pool, installers were great, you were right the pool is gorgeous. I have 2 friends who will be calling to buy pools thanks so much" JC Oxford NC
"Rich The Pool was delivered and installed and I just want to say thank you, I put a 5 star review up and if I know anybody who wants to buy a pool I will recommend them to call you. Once again thank you very much" Jeff N.C.
"Thank You for all your help over the last two years, we love the pool and the service. I know I email or text almost once a week during season with my chemical readings and you always tell me what to do, my pool is crystal clear always because of you" Jenn
" I installed the pool myself and it went together so well I was amazed you were right on the money! Thanks we Love it. The Package we bought was only $2100 but it was complete just like you said and it's a great pool" Tony East P.A.
"Pool is amazing I never thought I could get a pool made as well as the Grande Milano for such a great price installed" Mark Chapel Hill
Price, Quality, Great Service and Install!!! We Could have never afforded an 18 x 33 oval of this quality and we looked in every local store all the way to Raleigh plus all the internet sites, pools of less quality with less product in the pool packages were 1500 to 2500 more. Thanks for all your help" Johnny Wilson NC
"Bought the Contempra and saved $1500 over Namco's price we love the pool and going into our third season with it. We got the Ozone and Mineral System we ordered and installed it in a snap just like you said, the pool is crystal clear without hardly any chemicals and the water feels incredible. Thank You I thought we were going to be stuck with the chlorine tabs forever because the pool is all steel but now we have the best of both worlds, the best looking and different above ground pool anywhere and the new system is as easy as a salt system. I highly recommend your pools, service and expertise to everyone looking for a great deal on a great pool and support they can count on" R. Marie Cornwall N.Y.

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My Pool was installed two weeks ago and I made the mistake of going to the local pool store and having my water tested. They sold me all kinds of stuff and the pool still wasn't right, After our conversation on the phone and you having me use the test kit that came with the pool and you telling me to add alkalinity up then test again in an hour worked with just adding a little ph up after that. The Pool is water is clear, salt and chlorine levels are right on and I'm returning the unopened stuff from the pool store. Benson Nc
I wanted to thank you the Grand Bahama above ground was exactly the pool we needed. My kids are rowdy and the pool is built so solid it just takes all they give it. The 10 inch thick Resin frame is amazingly strong and the salt system makes it so easy and inexpensive to Take care of the pool. Tom Garner NC
Thanks For all your help we are starting our second season with the Paradise Oval we just opened it and the water is perfect, I put in one bag of salt and turned it on a we are good. I"m glad we got the Paradise it made it through the tough St Louis winter no problem Thx Marty St. Louis MI
Hey Rich we my husband and I just installed the Trifecta, wow what a great pool and a great price too, thank you so much. Sandra Terryville NY
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