Small In Ground Pool Costs

Cost of small inground pools, costs of a semi in ground pool

The cost of a small inground swimming pool depends on two main factors:


The size of the pool, and the material used to build it. As you already know, fiberglass and vinyl are the most affordable. So from there, it comes down to the size of the pool.

The Most Affordable In Ground Pool is a Fully Buried Aquasport 52 Pool

A small pool will always be more affordable than a big pool. That’s a given. But what about the pricing range?
A Semi in ground pool like the Aquasport 52 buried fully in the ground will give you the most bang for your buck of any small in ground pool

Here are cost estimates for each type of pool, ranging from 18-26 foot pools:

Small concrete inground pools
Cost: $32,000 – $40,000
Small fiberglass inground pools
Cost: $28,000 – $36,000 ($19,000 to $29,000 pool store and more)
Small vinyl inground pool
Cost: $14,000 – $22,000
Small Aquasport buried pool See Small Inground Pool Pricing Here
cost: $10,000 to $15000 by pool store and more

Besides taking up minimal space in your backyard, small inground pools also come with a few other advantages.

Easy and affordable heating

Now imagine that as the difference in water volume between a normal size pool (26+ feet) and a small inground pool.

Having less water to heat means two things:

It takes WAY less time to warm up a small inground pool (faster heating)
And it takes WAY less energy to keep it warm (lower heating bills)
And here’s another benefit. Since you save so much money by choosing a smaller pool, you can easily extend your swim season and put the savings towards a reliable pool heater.

If you swim occasionally and don’t mind sticking to the sunnier days for recreation, a solar heater could be a good choice.

More affordable to run
Having a small inground pool means there’s less water to run through the pump. Less water to heat. And of course, less water to chemically treat.

You put those three facts together, and you get major savings. Savings towards the biggest expenses of pool ownership.

So if you want a pool, but have a tight monthly budget, a small inground pool can be the perfect solution.
Costs less
Smaller pools cost less to install, less to maintain, and less to care for. Need we say more?

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"Trifecta Pool, Great Pool, Great Price, Great Install, We Love Our Pool Thank You" Rob S Long Island NY
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"Love our pool, installers were great, you were right the pool is gorgeous. I have 2 friends who will be calling to buy pools thanks so much" JC Oxford NC
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Price, Quality, Great Service and Install!!! We Could have never afforded an 18 x 33 oval of this quality and we looked in every local store all the way to Raleigh plus all the internet sites, pools of less quality with less product in the pool packages were 1500 to 2500 more. Thanks for all your help" Johnny Wilson NC
"Bought the Contempra and saved $1500 over Namco's price we love the pool and going into our third season with it. We got the Ozone and Mineral System we ordered and installed it in a snap just like you said, the pool is crystal clear without hardly any chemicals and the water feels incredible. Thank You I thought we were going to be stuck with the chlorine tabs forever because the pool is all steel but now we have the best of both worlds, the best looking and different above ground pool anywhere and the new system is as easy as a salt system. I highly recommend your pools, service and expertise to everyone looking for a great deal on a great pool and support they can count on" R. Marie Cornwall N.Y.

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My Pool was installed two weeks ago and I made the mistake of going to the local pool store and having my water tested. They sold me all kinds of stuff and the pool still wasn't right, After our conversation on the phone and you having me use the test kit that came with the pool and you telling me to add alkalinity up then test again in an hour worked with just adding a little ph up after that. The Pool is water is clear, salt and chlorine levels are right on and I'm returning the unopened stuff from the pool store. Benson Nc
I wanted to thank you the Grand Bahama above ground was exactly the pool we needed. My kids are rowdy and the pool is built so solid it just takes all they give it. The 10 inch thick Resin frame is amazingly strong and the salt system makes it so easy and inexpensive to Take care of the pool. Tom Garner NC
Thanks For all your help we are starting our second season with the Paradise Oval we just opened it and the water is perfect, I put in one bag of salt and turned it on a we are good. I"m glad we got the Paradise it made it through the tough St Louis winter no problem Thx Marty St. Louis MI
Hey Rich we my husband and I just installed the Trifecta, wow what a great pool and a great price too, thank you so much. Sandra Terryville NY
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