Top 10 Rated Best Built Above Ground Pools On The Planet

National Above Ground Pool Ratings
Rated Top 10 Best Built Above Ground Pools On The Planet

Buster Crabbe Nemo Super Pool Super Heavy Duty Above Ground Resin Frame Pools
Buster Crabbe – Admiral’s Walk (read more about Buster Crabbe Pools)
Buster Crabbe – Aquasport 52

Buster Crabbe Avatar All Aluminum Pools
Doughboy – Summer Winds (52″ Thickest Steel Coil Wall On Planet)
Doughboy – Castaglia Best Budget Above Ground Pool (52″ Steel Coil Wall)
Wilbar Group / Sharkline – Oasis or Esther Williams
Gibraltar Rectangle Slat Walled Pool
Mighty Pools- Granite & Diamond Series (read more about Mighty Pools)
Doughboy – Palm Shore (52″ Steel Wall Pool)
There are literately several hundred above ground pool models to choose from. each of these manufacturers make 12 to 20 models alone, combining for hundreds of pools. These are my top ten favorite based on strength.

My opinion and that of every installer I have ever talked with agrees, the best above ground pool on the planet, are the  Buster Crabbe Aluminum Slat wall pools (2 and 3).

Best Rolled Wall Pools On The Market Buster Crabbe Nemo and Avatar (2 & 4)



The main thing that separates this pool from all other pools, is the wall. It is made of thick extruded aluminum. It really should not be compared to other above ground pools. Its strength and durability are in a class by its self.

I have personally worked on, repaired, assembled, and disassembled thousands of above ground pools over my career. There has never been a better pool kit.

Above Ground Pool Brands Versus Pool Models
There are several great above ground pool brand names to choose from. Most of these brands, or manufacturers have been around for 30- 70 years with good track records. All of these brands each sell a variety of sizes.

The reason each of these brands sell different models, are so that they can fit the budget of anyone. If you bought the top of the line model from any of the brands I mentioned above, you would get a great pool. But that cant be said, for all their lesser offerings (except Hercules & Buster Crabbe).

Some of these great pool brands sell some real garbage when you get down to their less expensive pools and pool packages.

I have individually reviewed each of the following brands, and pool companies. I have listed which of them sell the best pool, and the best pool for small budgets. The companies I have selected to review in no particular order are: Wilbar, Swim & Play, Buster Crabbe, Wilkes / Gibraltar, Hoffinger Industries / Doughboy, and Namco Industries.

All of these companies offer a good pool, and most are manufacturers of well-known, trusted models of above-ground swimming pools.


Best Pool On The Planet
The best above ground pool you can buy is manufactured and sold by Buster Crabbe. I am speaking about their Aquaport 52, and Admiral’s Walk models. Both models have the thickest and strongest aluminum slat pool wall in the entire market.

Almost all pool walls today are made from steel or aluminum coil stock. The wall is one piece, and the two ends are mechanically fastened with hardware. Without water in most of today’s pools, the wall is extremely vulnerable. Most builders will not build a pool on a windy day for this reason. The walls are literally thinner than a dime, and flop like bologna when empty.

Not so with the Hercules & Buster Crabbe. They’re made of extruded aluminum panels with ribs, that lock in together. These panels are six times as thick and 10 times stronger than coil stock walls. This pool does not depend on water to hold up the walls. You could take a bat to this pool when its empty, try that with a coil stock wall and you will be scrapping it for its metal value (not much value if its tin / “steel”).

The only pool you could compare this to would be a Gibraltar or Kayak. But the Gibraltar and Kayak cost about 7,000 more to purchase and install. Kayak and Wilkes/Gibralter pools are shallow compared to the Aquasport and Admiral’s Walk.

I actually prefer the Aquasport 52 pool over the likes of a Gibraltar or Kayak. The Gibraltar also has a wall made of strong extruded slats that interlock, but theirs are made of steel, and frequently rot out, especially around the skimmer and return jet.

Best Least Expensive Above Ground Pools
This is really a toss up. Depending on pool size, steel vs. aluminum, resin vs. others and what have you. But of the least expensive, I’d choose either the Deluxe 8000 from Swim N Play, steel Buster Crabbe pool, or Hercules Pools

Like Hercules, Buster Crabbe , Swim N’ Play pools are made here in america. However, when you buy a coil walled pool from Hercules or Buster Crabbe , no mater your choice, it is the same premium wall. They don’t buy any cheap steel. That cant be said for other companies like: Swim N’ Play, Doughboy-Pools, Wilbar, Namco, Sharkline, Atlantic. The list could go on forever.


Best Value Above Ground Pool
There is no doubt in my mind the pound for pound winner of best value is Swim N Play. They offer a really great pool and back it up with an industry leading warranty.

In the above two paragraphs I am mainly talking about the resin pools and Resin Hybrids offered by Swim n Play. Their wall with an all resin frame makes it pretty weather proof.

Check our above ground pool packages

Low Cost Asian, and Canadian Metal Pools
I find the metal of the imported pools to thin, and prone to rotting out. I suspect it is because they use cheap recycled metals, though I can’t say for sure. But, cheap imported pools sure are more prone to rotting for some reason.

It pisses me off when I find people have been sold a tin can for a swimming pool, with a trash bag for a liner, for the same money they could have bought something decent.

There are only two companies that sell steel wall pool stock to pool manufacturers here in the US. If your pool wall is not coming from there, ask your self one question. How can they buy and transport steel as much as it weights for less than it cost to buy here???

Wilbar Pools
This company has been buying up a lot of pool companies / brands, but has itself only been around since 1986. They carry many different brands now: Sharkline, and Atlantis to name a couple. There are a lot of different models for the Sharkline and Atlantis brand. I have no use for the Atlantic, but I like a few of the Sharkline models. I like their Oasis, Fantasy and the Navigator. Note* The Navigator is the same pool as the Fantasy, just with a 54″ wall and a different name.

The Oasis is tough as nails and similar to the Hercules & Buster Crabbe. In fact it too has a slat wall. Buster Crabbe was the first to introduce this wall type, and an all aluminum bead receiver. The Buster Crabbe can be completely installed inground, while the Oasis can only be buried 26 inches.

Wilbar is a tough company to deal with. Even as a dealer, it is difficult to get a call returned (they never answer). I really like their Oasis, Navigator, and Fantasy pools, but having to deal with this company is to big an issue for me, especially when there is a warranty issue.

My supplier of these three Wilbar pools wont bring in enough to meet demand, and so I have to steer people away from them. Early in the pool season I can get them, but don’t even ask unless you plan on waiting 4 weeks after June.

Wilbar Fantasy & Navigator Aluminum Pools – Reviews
The Fantasy and Navigator pools come in all popular dimensions. Fantasy pools are still a great value. They have an aluminum coil wall and a bead channel that never bends, gets stretched out, gets damaged by the sun or pool chemicals. These kits also have all aluminum walls (coil stock), and all aluminum upper and lower support tracks.


Fantasy Above Ground Pools

Namco, Rec Warehouse, Island Rec Above-Ground Pool Reviews
Keep in mind that the pool industry is not regulated. What one company calls a 25 gauge pool liner may not even be 15 mil in reality. My personal experience with Namco pools is that the majority of their pool kits and liners are garbage.

I can not explain how cheap and thin their pool liners are. Often customers go buy their own liner at Namco and ask me to install it (I install them). I know a thick mil pool liner when I have one in my hands, when I have it heating up in the sun, getting ready to install it. I can tell you right now, I’ve been afraid that one of my fingernails might cut through a Namco liner. Although it says 25 gauge on the box, I often felt like I was working with a garbage bag not a pool liner!

My experience with Namco above ground pool kits is limited to installing liners. In order to replace a pool liner you usually have to disassemble the upper rails and support bars. All I can say is that the pool walls are much thinner than the ones I usually deal with, and where most other pool manufacturer use metal upper support rails, NAMCO often has a cheap plastic piece, and the walls flop around like a thin piece of bologna.

It may be that I have only worked on their cheaper models, but I am not familiar enough with their products to say which I have had the displeasure of working with. All I can tell you is I am not a fan of their pools or their liners. But people here in Massachusetts keep buying this stuff. They had a new pool in 2013 that looks like a spaceship, it is manufactured by Wilbar, it’s really ultra modern looking, I have actually heard that it is a sturdy pool, just a bear to install.

Namco is the only company in this review of above ground pools that does not manufacture a pool. But because of their large brand and popularity, I included them. They are also direct competition to me as I sell pools in the same area. I point out this conflict of interest, as I am sure some of you may wish to take what I say about them with a grain of salt. I say, do so at your own peril.

I have been told by someone who used to work for Namco, they buy most of their pools from Asia, and they are not sized well. There 24 round is in fact only 23 feet 7 inches. So if you try to install a thick USA liner, it will not fit as well as it should.

Hoffinger Industries Reviews
Hoffinger Industries manufactures and markets two brands. One is the well known Doughboy line, and the other is called Embassy Pool Co.

Doughboy Review
Doughboy pools are extremely strong pools. Their premium line of pools have superior walls, they weight up to 500 lbs more than their nearest competitors. While a fan of their round pools, their ovals take a lot of extra work to install.

Doughboy premium pool walls are thicker, and less prone to rotting out than any other wall I have ever seen. This is another brand that can be installed completely inground.

Doughboy pool accessories are above average in strength and made of quality materials. While their pools are really good, their order fulfillment leave something to be desired. As a Doughboy dealer, I would steer you away based on price and order fulfillment.

Doughboy has a lot of different models, my favorite being the Saratoga. But their Tuscany is the strongest of them all. The Tuscany appearance is a little to much for me (kind of Roman Greek Looking). I’m a fan of the Saratoga. Two other good pools are the Copper Canyon, and the Palm Shore. I would not buy anything else from them.

Embassy Pool Co Review
As a dealer, I really got behind one of their promotions in 2014. They put out a package called the Centennial pool package. I sold probably 25 of these packages before complaints started rolling in from customers. Missing components, wrong top-rails, dead on arrival pool motors.

This package was suppose to be based on the Century pool. But what they failed to mention, was the top-rail support skirts were not included. If you bought the Century pool they were, but not with the Centennial package which is a Century pool?! For this reason I will not recommend them in 2015.

Wilkes / Gibraltar Pool Reviews
If you own a Gibraltar pool, you probably already know it is actually a Wilkes pool that has been re-branded. Wilkes gave Gibraltar the whole New England territory. It is rumored that the Gibraltar family bailed out Wilkes when they were going under.

Anyway, what that means for people in Massachusetts is that the Gibraltar family has a monopoly on the pool, as the Wilkes company protects the Gibraltar brand, by not selling parts or pools to anyone in New England.

There pool is really good and last a really long time, especially now that they have gotten away from their wood decks. The new Aluminum decks are a real improvement on the pool. Also, the slat walls make it a billion times stronger than other above ground pools. The only knock on the pool, is that the slats rot out and need to be replaced, well that and the cost.

I install Wilkes liners and have heard from so many customers of Gibraltar that their customer service is super bad, and they hold you hostage for parts. I have liners custom made, and do not need to buy them direct. I do occasionally need parts, like their slat wall pieces, and bottom tracks. It is always inconvenient to deal with the jerks in the parts department. Hope she doesn’t read my blog 😉

Radiant Pools Review
These pools are just coming back onto the market after a 20 year Hiatus. They used to be sold as Dover pools back in the day and they were an inground pool. Now they are being marketed as an above ground pool you can bury. The Dover pools were awful, and sales competitors used to carry a section of their wall to show how they oxidized and turned to Swiss Cheese.

I looked them over at the last pool show I went to, and they said it was redesigned. Looks the same to me and my buddy Dave who actually spotted it right off as a Dover Pool.

I personally liked the way they’re assembled and thought the idea was good, after talking with a team of installers I respect, I will stay away from these pools.

Radiant Pools are marketed as an insulated wall making them cheaper to heat, and keep warm. But what they don’t tell you is most heat is lost off the top of the pool, not through the pool walls. Silly marketing people.

If you know anyone in the market for an above ground pool I hope you share this information with them. Also please check out the pools we have begun selling. I think you will be impressed with our pool packages . We sell pools more to get the installation than anything else, so our prices are usually best.

Please ask any technical questions if your buying a pool call 919 621 7471


Over 30 years in the Pool, Spa, Billiards and Bathtub Business Specializing in the Lowest Prices while Providing The Best Quality Products Available from The Most Top Rated Manufacturers. Local Service with Internet Pricing is The Best of Both Worlds. Customers Save Money on Purchases over Buying at Local Stores while Having a Local Expert on Call to Help with Product Questions and Local Service From Raleigh to Fayetteville to Henderson to Goldsboro to Durham, Wilmington, Charlotte,

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Happy Customers
"Trifecta Pool, Great Pool, Great Price, Great Install, We Love Our Pool Thank You" Rob S Long Island NY
"Pool is awesome it's built like a tank, even the installer was impressed", I will send you another picture as soon as the stones are done. Love the pool. Thx Jill Carolina Beach
"Love our pool, installers were great, you were right the pool is gorgeous. I have 2 friends who will be calling to buy pools thanks so much" JC Oxford NC
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"Thank You for all your help over the last two years, we love the pool and the service. I know I email or text almost once a week during season with my chemical readings and you always tell me what to do, my pool is crystal clear always because of you" Jenn
" I installed the pool myself and it went together so well I was amazed you were right on the money! Thanks we Love it. The Package we bought was only $2100 but it was complete just like you said and it's a great pool" Tony East P.A.
"Pool is amazing I never thought I could get a pool made as well as the Grande Milano for such a great price installed" Mark Chapel Hill
Price, Quality, Great Service and Install!!! We Could have never afforded an 18 x 33 oval of this quality and we looked in every local store all the way to Raleigh plus all the internet sites, pools of less quality with less product in the pool packages were 1500 to 2500 more. Thanks for all your help" Johnny Wilson NC
"Bought the Contempra and saved $1500 over Namco's price we love the pool and going into our third season with it. We got the Ozone and Mineral System we ordered and installed it in a snap just like you said, the pool is crystal clear without hardly any chemicals and the water feels incredible. Thank You I thought we were going to be stuck with the chlorine tabs forever because the pool is all steel but now we have the best of both worlds, the best looking and different above ground pool anywhere and the new system is as easy as a salt system. I highly recommend your pools, service and expertise to everyone looking for a great deal on a great pool and support they can count on" R. Marie Cornwall N.Y.

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My Pool was installed two weeks ago and I made the mistake of going to the local pool store and having my water tested. They sold me all kinds of stuff and the pool still wasn't right, After our conversation on the phone and you having me use the test kit that came with the pool and you telling me to add alkalinity up then test again in an hour worked with just adding a little ph up after that. The Pool is water is clear, salt and chlorine levels are right on and I'm returning the unopened stuff from the pool store. Benson Nc
I wanted to thank you the Grand Bahama above ground was exactly the pool we needed. My kids are rowdy and the pool is built so solid it just takes all they give it. The 10 inch thick Resin frame is amazingly strong and the salt system makes it so easy and inexpensive to Take care of the pool. Tom Garner NC
Thanks For all your help we are starting our second season with the Paradise Oval we just opened it and the water is perfect, I put in one bag of salt and turned it on a we are good. I"m glad we got the Paradise it made it through the tough St Louis winter no problem Thx Marty St. Louis MI
Hey Rich we my husband and I just installed the Trifecta, wow what a great pool and a great price too, thank you so much. Sandra Terryville NY
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